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Cartoon HD is a great Free Website to watch TV Shows and Movies. Yes you will have to sign up with “EMAIL” only. Again this is a free site and dont have to pay anything. Simply go to “JOIN”

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Create a username and password. After signing up you will need to go to your email to verify the account.Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at 5.57.11 PM.png

Select a show you will like to watch and slick on the episode you would like to watch.

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Press the PLAY Button. There you go! Enjoy this amazing FREE Website.

Make sure to always use a VPN To protect yourself.

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Sign up Here –



GoStream – Free Online Movie Site

GoStream –

This is a great website if your looking to watch free movies without having to download a app on your device. Just go to the side then click on the movie you want to watch. No need to download the video. Just click the play button.

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This site doesn’t require you to “SIGN UP”. Make sure to always protect yourself with a VPN. They are very cheap and you can sign up for one here .


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Sign up today –


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